DTH Hammer & Bits

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Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd is a world class manufacturer & supplier of down the hole (DTH) drilling tools. We use methods that meet ISO9001:2008 standards in manufacturing superior quality DTH hammers and DTH bits.
We have a diverse line of DTH bits that range from 2"-42" in diameter for use in most all leading hammer shanks, such as DHD, COP, MISSION, SD, QL, BR, MACH etc.
DTH Bit Shanks: DHD3.5, DHD340, DHD350, DHD360, DHD380, COP34, COP44, COP54, COP64, COP84, SD4, SD5, SD6, SD8, TD40, QL50, QL60, QL80, Mission 40, Mission 50, Mission60, Mission 80, BR1, BR2, BR3, Mach33, etc.
Face Design: Flat face, Convex face, Concave face, DGR.


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