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3 Wing Step and Chevron Drag Bits 5" 6" Pin 2 3/8" API Reg

  • 5" 6" Pin 2 3/8" API Reg

  • Jinquan

  • China

  • Ply-wooden cases

  • Within 15-25 days according to your order quantity

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  • T/T

Our Jinquan Brand drag bits are widely used in oil/water drilling, mining, drilling, constructions etc., with top performance quality & rational price, sharing great reputations all over the worlds. 

Drag bits:
1. Drag Bits are made according to API Standard or NROD Thread standard or others.
2. Various Step and chevron Drag bits are available from 2inch to 17 1/2 Inch.
3. There are big markets in USA, Canada, Colombia, Australia and so on.
4. There is very good feedback because of the quality and price.
5. Different Drag bits can be made according to customers' drawings or samples.

Any needs, contact us please: Liaocheng Jinquan Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd, China.


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