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GT60 Shank Apdators HL1000PE-65, HL1010PE-65, HL 1500 PE-65,HL1060TPE-65, HL1500TPE-65, HL 1560 T-65, HL1560TPE-65 Pantera 1100 and DP1500i

GT60 Shank Adapters used for Sandvik / Atlas Copco / Furukawa / Montabert / Boart / Ingersoll-Rand / SIG / Gardner-Denver top hammer drifters etc…
  • HL1000PE-65, HL1010PE-65, HL 1500 PE-65,HL1060TPE-65, HL1500TPE-65, HL 1560 T-65, HL1560TPE-65 Sandvik Part No.: 7600-6025-02

  • Jinquan

  • 82071990

GT60 shank adaptors striking bars are suitable for Pantera 1100, Sandvik DP1500 and DP1500i drilling rigs, following various shanks adapters mode are available.

GT60 Shank Adapter 4HL1500/1500T-60GT60-760-23

HL 1000-60, HL 1500-60 / 1500 T-60

Sandvik Part No.: 7600-6022-03

GT60 Shank Adapter 4HL1500PE-65GT60-760-23

HL1000PE-65, HL1010PE-65, HL 1500 PE-65,HL1060T/PE-65, HL1500T/PE-65, HL 1560 T-65, HL1560T/PE-65

Sandvik Part No.: 7600-6025-02

GT60 Shank Adapter Shoulder Drive 4HL1560T-80GT60-760-23

HL 1500 T-80, HL 1500-80,1560T-80,HL1060T-80,HF1560, Shoulder Drive

Sandvik Part No.: 7600-6030-05

GT60 Shank Adapter 4HL1560T/PE-90GT60-760-23

HL1500T/PE-90/HL1500ST/PE-90/ HL1560T/PE-90/HL1560ST/PE-90

Sandvik Part No.: 7600-6032-05

Our GT60 shank adaptors, bench and production rock drilling GT60 MF rods, thread GT60 button bits are designed to comply with all kinds of rock formations and drilling site conditions, with longer life, higher penetration rates etc...


1. We design the shank adapters with specially selected alloy steel 23CrNi3Mo which also is hardened through carburizing to ensure the high impact power of modern rock drills.

2. Heat treatment with fully carburization, air cool quenching and tempering.

3. Jinquan produce various shank adapters according to the samples and the model of rock drill the customer provided.

4. Our shank adapters can transmit otation torque,feed force,impact energy and flushing medium to the drill string very well.

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