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R32 R38 T38 T45 T51 thread shank adaptors, shank adapters

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Supply many various type shank adaptors which are suitable for all popular drifters and top hammers in the world, such as Atlas Copco series drifters, Tamrock series drifters, Garden Dever series drifters etc. The main thread types of shank adaptors include R32, R38, T38, T45, T51 etc.

Male shank adapters are ideal for drifting, tunneling & extension applications where high bending stresses are present, and female shank adapters are used when the drilling space is limited and the total feed length is important.

Drill drifter types:

Atlas Copo, Boart Longyear, Bohler, Furukawa, Gardner Denver, Holman, Ingersollrand, Joy, Montabert, Secoma, Tamrock, Toyo, etc. Other drifter type of shank adaptor by given sample or drawing is also available. If you want to know more about our shank adapt or other product related to shank adaptor, pls visit our website or contact me marketing at sinodrills dor kom, I will send you more information.

NO. NAME MACHINE SHANK ADAPTER TYPE DESCRIPTION 1 ATLAS COPCO COP1036/1038/1238 T45*575MM, COP1036/1038/1238 T38*500MM COP1036/1038/1238 T45*500MM COP1440/1550/1838 T38*435MM COP1440/1550/1838 T45*525MM COP1840HE/1850 T45*575MM COP1840HE/1850 T51*565MM COP131EB T38*405MM COP925/928 T38*510MM 2 TOYO TH500/501/550 T38*565MM TH800RP T38*765MM TH800RP T45*765MM


NO NAME MACHINE SHANK ADAPTER TYPE DESCRIPTION 3 TAMROCK HL500S-38/510S-38 T38*460MM HL500S-38/510S-38 T38*500MM HK500S T45*550MM HL650-45/700-45 T38*600MM HL650-45/700-45 T45*600MM HL700-52 T45*600MM HL700-52 T51*600MM HL1000-52 T45*670MM HL1000-52 T51*670MM HL1000-60 T51*670MM HL1000-60 ST58-670MM HL1000-60 T60*670MM HL1500-52 T51*710MM HL1500-60 T51*710MM HL1500-60 T60*710MM HL1500-60 ST58*710MM HL1500-60 YT60*710MM


NO NAME MACHINE SHANK ADAPTER TYPE DESCRIPTION 5 INGERSOLL RAND YH50RP/55RP T38*560MM YH65/70/80 T38*495MM YH65/70/80 T45*495MM YH65RP/70RP/80RP T38*700MM YH65RP/70RP/80RP T45*700MM YH80A T45*495MM YH80A T51*495MM YH80ARP T45*700MM YH80ARP T51*700MM YH95/100 T45*626MM YH95/100 T51*626MM YH95RP/100RP T45*840MM YH95RP/100RP T51*840MM
NO NAME MACHINE SJANK ADAPTER TYPE DESCRIPTION   4 FURUKAWA HD180 T38*565MM HD210 T38*410MM HD300 T38*655MM HD300 T45*655MM HD500 T38*620MM HD500 T38*635MM HD500 T45*635MM HD500 T45*620MM HD609 T38*620MM HD609 T38*690MM HD609 T56*690MM HD609 T45*620MM HD609RP T38*795MM HD609RP T38*865MM HD609RP T45*795MM HD609RP T45*865MM HD612 T45*670MM HD612 T51*670MM HD615 T45*700MM HD615 T51*700MM HD615RP T45*880MM HD615RP T51*880MM HD712 T45*590MM HD712 T45*790MM HD712 T51*590MM HD712 T51*790MM HD712RP T45*785MM HD712RP T51*785MM HD715 T45*790MM HD715 T51*590MM HD715 T51*790MM HD715RP T45*785MM HD715RP T51*785MM HD715RP T45*885MM HD715RP T51*885MM PD200 T38*380MM PD200 T38*445MM PD200 T45*380MM PD200R T38*485MM PD200R T45*485MM

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