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DTH Reverse Circulation Drilling Equipments and Consumables

  • DTH RC

  • Jinquan

  • China

  • Ply-wooden cases

  • Within 15-25 days according to your order quantity

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DTH RC Drilling Tools:

DTH Reverse-Circulation (RC) drilling can be supplied by "Jinquan" where seabed strata is sufficiently strong that standard rotary drilling becomes sub-economic due to slow production rates. The key factor our customers wanted from our reverse circulation drills were simplicity, performance and reliability. RC Drilling Equipments and Consumables are for related reverse circulation drilling rigs.

DTH hammer bits are used with standard reverse circulation drill strings deployed on standard pile top drilling units.

RC DTH Drill Bits/RC Drill Bit/RC Bits/RC DTH Bit,
RC Hammer, RC DTH Hammer, RC Drill Pipe.
RC drilling hammer Size: 4", 5", 6"
RC drilling hole Diameter: 114-190mm  
Shank: HRC range.

RC Hammer backhead thread available:
1). Remet series: 3 1/2'' Remet; 4'' Remet; 4 1/2'' Remet;
2). Metzke series: 3 1/2'' Metzke; 4'' Metzke; 4 1/2'' Metzke.

Other thread and sizes can be upon to customer's requirements.
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