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T45 89mm semi-spherical retrac button bits flat face

  • T45-89mm
  • Jinquan
  • China
  • Ply-wooden cases or cartons
  • Within 15-35 days according to your order quantity
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T45 89mm Rock Drilling Thread Retrac Button Bits:
Rock drill bits' body is made of high quality imported special steel 45CrNiMoV, the cutting head is made of special alloy YK05 after special processing.
Jinquan's tungsten carbide buttons are with superior wear resistance and impact toughness superior, with higher drilling speed compared with the similar rock drilling tools. Rock button drill bits series tools’ passivation time is longer, approximate 5-6 times of the other drill bits. This is beneficial to save the auxiliary working hours, reduce manual labor and accelerate the construction speed.
T45 flat face retrac button bits own following characteristics:
Thread button bit size available: 76mm, 89mm, 102mm;
Thread button bit skirt available: regular skirt; retract skirt;
Thread button bit face available: falt face; drop center face;
Thread button bit button shape available: (hemi) spherical; ballstic; conical.

Our T45 series rock drilling button bits are widely used in all kinds of mining, drilling, quarrying, engineering, construction, water well drilling, oil exploring etc.
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