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China DTH Hammers Cop44 DHD340A Cop54 DHD350R Cop64 DHD360 QL50 QL60 QL80 Mission40 50 60 80

Price: $ 1000

  • COP/ SD/ DHD/ IR/ Mission/ QL/ BR/ CIR etc.

  • Jinquan

  • 82071990

DHD340,COP34,SD4,QL40,M40,COP54,QL50,COP64,QL80 Down The Hole Drilliing DTH Hammers
Jinquan is one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of DTH drilling tools from China, with high quality and reasonable price, including DTH bits, DTH hammers, DTH drill pipes, RC drilling tools, Odex drilling systems etc.
DTH Drilling Tools|DTH Button Bits|DTH Hammers - China Rock Drilling Tools Suppliers & Manufacturers.
Size range 3'', 3.5'', 4'', 5'', 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'', 14" etc. 
Shank styles: DHD3.5, DHD340, DHD350, DHD360, DHD380; COP44, COP54, COP64, COP84; TD40, QL50, QL60, QL80; Mission40, Mission50, Mission60, Mission80; SD4, SD5, SD6, SD8; DHD112, SD12, NUMA125 etc.
1. Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture and expansion and contraction.
2. Lower energy consumption and higher impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% higher than the one with foot valve.
3. Simple structure, reliable parts, long life, easy and cheap maintenance.
4. Lower air and oil consumption. The oil consumption is about 10% lower than the one with foot valve.
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