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HD45A DTH Hammer (Cop 44, DHD340A) Without Foot Valve

  • HD45A
  • Jinquan
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  • Ply-wooden case
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It is a kind of high air pressure HD45A DTH hammer without footvalve, our newest design. It is also one of the most advanced DHD340 DTH hammer in the world. 

COP44 DTH hammer has the following advantages: 
1. Out of the trouble of foot valve fracture and expansion and contraction. 
2. Lower energy consumption and higher impact frequency. The drilling speed is 15%-30% higher than the one with foot valve. 
3. Simple structure, reliable parts, long life, easy and cheap maintenance. 
4. Lower air and oil consumption. The oil consumption of HD45A DTH Hammer is about 10% lower than the one with foot valve.
Length(exclude bit) Weight(exclude bit) External Diameter Bit Shank Hole Range Connection Thread
1011 mm 43.20 kg  Φ99 mm   Cop44 DHD340 HD45A Φ110mm _ Φ135mm API 2 3/8'' Reg 
Working Pressure Impact rate at 0.5 MPa Recommended Rotary Speed Air Consumption
1.0 MPa 1.8 MPa 2.4 MPa
1.0_2.5 MPa 30 Hz 22-35 rpm 6m3/min 10m3/min 15m3/min

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