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T45 89mm Drop Center Retrac Ballistic Button Bits

  • T45-89mm
  • Jinquan
  • China
  • Ply-wooden cases
  • Within 15-35 days according to your order quantity
  • 1
  • T/T
We can supply variety of thread rock drilling tools, T45 retrac ballistic button bits, button bit T45, drill button bit, retrac button bits, thread button drill bit etc..
Button bits:
1. Thread button bits (32mm, 41mm, 45mm, 48mm, 51mm, 64mm, 70mm, 76mm, 89mm, 102mm, 127mm and differeent matched thread: R22, R25, R28, R32, R35, R38, T38, T45, T51, T60, ST58, ST68 etc).
2. We can offer you all face design, flat face, drop-center face, normal body and retrac body.
Product Name: Rock drilling T45 thread retrac ballistic drop center button bits.
Description: Button bits are made with best quality alloy steel bar and tungsten carbide buttons, through advanced heat treatment technology like Atlas Copco, Sandvik & Boart Longyear.
Material: Alloy steel bar 45CrNiMoV and tungsten carbide tips YK05
Body type: Normal body or retrac body
Thread type: R22,R25,R28,R32,R38,T38,T45,T51,ST58,ST68,GT60
Diameter: 32mm-127mm
Button bit shape: spherical and ballistic
Face shape: Flat shape and drop-center shape
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