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T45 Steel Drill Coupling Sleeve

T45 Coupling
  • T45-D63mmn/T45-D66mm

  • Jinquan

  • 82071990

T45 Coupling

DescriptionT45 Coupling D63mmT45 Coupling D66mm
Product Code31-T45-63-210-2331-T45-66-210-23
Weight approx. kg2.73.2

Coupling sleeves

Other name is coupling, when using rock drills with male shank adapters and a conventional drifter rod, a coupling is required to join the adapter to the rod, ensuring the ends touch for efficient energy transmission. Coupling are also used to connect several rods to each other in the same way. Couplings have a middle stop to prevent over-threading on to the drill rod. We can manufactures semi-bridge, full bridge coupling sleeves for the percussive tools.

(1) Name: T45 drill steel rod coupling sleeves.
(2) Length: 140mm-235mm.
(3) Type: R25, R28, R32, R38, T38, T45, T51.
(4) Type: full-bridge, semi-bridge, same diameter etc.
(5) Productivity: 50000pcs/ month.
(6) Package: Ply-wooden cases or in cartons.
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