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Atlas Copco YT23 7655 Pusher Air Leg Rock Drill Machine

  • YT23 (7655)
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YT23 (7655) air leg rock drill is kind of high efficiency air leg rock drill machinery, it is widely used in mining, quarrying, coal mine, railwa raffic, water conservancey and son on. According to the different of space, it can be used with FY2000B grease squirt and FT160A ( or FT160B, FT160C ) air leg, it also can be fixed on Drill Carriage and drilling frame.

It is mainly used in for drilling in the mine, railway and water conservancy projects as well as second blasting work etc...
Product Features:
A classical type of the rock drill product, with steady quality.

1. Weight: 24 KG 
2. Size: 659*248*205mm 
3. Air consumption: ≤ 80L/S 
4. Drilling Frequency: ≥ 36Hz 
5. Air pipe inner Dia.: 19MM 
6. Water pipe inner Dia.: 13MM 
7. Drilling Hole Dia.: 34-45MM 
8. Drilling Depth: 5M 
9. Shank Size: 22*108mm/25× 108± 1mm 
10. Air pressure: 0.4- 0.63Mpa 
Model YT23 Rock Drill
Weight  24 KG
Size 628mm
Air consumption ≤80L/S
Drilling Frequency ≥36HZ
 Impact energy 65Joule
Air pipe inner Dia. 25MM
Water pipe inner Dia. 13MM
Drilling Hole Dia. 34-42MM
Drilling Depth 5M
Shank Size 22*108mm
Air pressure 0.63Mpa

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